PREMIER moto kacige



The organization of Premier production has been developed, since inception, following one unique strategy that characterizes the company: a complete and direct control of the production cycle. For this reason, all the phases –from receiving the raw materials to the final check and packing- are done under the direct control of Premier qualified staff. In this way the company know-how grows constantly, thanks to the continuous research and development, that allows to define a unique and exclusive productive process.



The adventure begins in 1956, Premier is born as a brand for producing helmets and skateboards. The passion for motorsports pushes Premier to enter the field of high-performance automotive helmets with excellent results all over the United States.


Premier Pacific co is the first company to provide a complete line of motorcycle helmets. They are hugely successful thanks to the quality and safety of the products. The first stuntwoman, Debbie Lawler is quoted as saying, “The Flying Angels” used Premier helmets, like many champions, including the legendary Phil Read. The brand becomes a point of reference for the industry.


Premier moves to two factories in Europe, the first is located in the Netherlands, producing clothing for motorcyclists, and the second is in Italy and produces helmets for motorcycles.
Premier maintains its original DNA and continues with the sporting spirit. Many top riders choose Premier for international motorcycle competitions.



In 1987 all production facilities as well as the ownership move to Italy to become one hundred percent Italian.
Having gained full autonomy in decision making the company launches a new challenge to increase and consolidate the reputation of the Premier brand on both the new and old continent.


Today, Premier is making further steps in its evolution by introducing a completely renewed range with highly advanced technology and innovation while still retaining the style and image that has shaped it’s great success so far. A range that focuses on the protection and comfort of motorcyclists without loosing style and functionality.