Prodajno/servisni centar

Prodajno/servisni centar

Industrijska 16, Sveta Nedelja
+385 (1) 333 66 77

Prodajno/izložbeni salon

Prodajno/izložbeni salon

Industrijska 16, Sveta Nedelja
+385 (1) 333 66 77


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30,00 kn
Motorcycle Helmet and Visor Cleaning Tissues

Set of 1 wet and 1 dry tissues for complete cleaning of visors and helmets. Wet Tissues - for quick and easy...

70,00 kn
Motorcycle Wheel Cleaner

Specially formulated acid free motorcycle wheel cleaner. Removes even the most stubborn dirt: brake dust,...

70,00 kn
Motorcycle Insect Remover

Removes insect debris from fairings, screens, mirrors and lights. Contains active detergents that soften...

76,00 kn
Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

For cleaning and degresaing motorcycle chains. Removes grease, brake fluid and oil residues. Does not...

80,00 kn
Motorcycle PTFE Chain Lubricant

Silicon free lubricant containing PTFE suitable for all types of motorcycle and quadbike chains including...

85,00 kn
Motorcycle Cleaner

Specially formulated product for cleaning motorcycles, quadbikes and scooters. Removes insect residue, dust...

90,00 kn
Motorcycle Chain Lubricant

Suitable for all types of motorcycle chains, including O-RING, X-RING types. Excellent penetration to all...